About Us

At any point in time there is in excess of 1,5 billion people who are totally deprived of any source of pure drinking water due to climatic factors in conjunction to insufficient or no infrastructure at all.

It is the philosophy of SIGS that even smaller communities living in remote area as well as poor communities should be provided with the basic human requirement of having access to clean drinking water.

Consequently it is with leading Swiss and German partners that SIGS has developed the most advanced and reliable filtration technology in water purification using the latest renewable energy (solar/wind) supply equipment available on the market.

This has resulted in 2 lines of products AQUAMOBILE and AQUAFILTER both able to purify Sea, Brackish or Soiled Water to the highest degree of pure clean drinking water by using 100% renewable energy (solar/wind ).

The AQUAMOBILE and AQUAFILTER range have the capacity of producing from 2,000 L up to 7,000 L of pure clean drinking water per day from Sea water, from 2,500 L up to 15,000 L of pure clean drinking water from Brackish water, both by reverse osmosis, and from 3,000 L up to 20,000 L of pure clean drinking water from organically contaminated Soiled water by nanofiltration.

These units can be powered by any source of renewable or traditional energy and for the AQUAMOBILE alternatively generate electricity for today's low consumption equipments.

SIGS aims to market the most efficient, mobile, versatile and reliable water purification equipment with the highest water production of pure clean drinking water related to the lowest renewable energy consumption in its comparable generation and being able to be operational in the shortest time.

SIGS targets are Institutional and Market orientated and aimed at clients of all walks of life as our units can be applied geographically and functionally without limits.

SIGS is registered both in Switzerland and in South Africa (for SADC countries).

SIGS is able to accommodate any requests for larger installations.