The AQUAMOBILE is a highly versatile ultra mobile modular water purification unit that can be used in either its fully portable mode or as a stationary fixture. It comes equipped with the most advanced 100% renewable energy supply equipment (Solar and Wind), in conjunction with the latest reliable purification filtration technique that boosts low energy consumption related to the water production of pure clean drinking water in its comparable generation, and is able to be operational in the shortest time.

The AQUAMOBILE is manufactured in 3 versions and has the capacity of producing 7,000 L of pure clean drinking water per day from SEA water (AQUAMOBILE SA 7), 15,000 L of pure clean drinking water from BRACKISH water (AQUAMOBILE BR 15), both by reverse osmosis technology, and 20,000 L of pure clean drinking water from organically contaminated SOILED water (AQUAMOBILE UF 20) by nanofiltration technology.

Main features

- Highly versatile ultra mobile unit on wheels operational within minutes;
- Removable modular AQUAFILTER water filtration unit that can be exchanged within minutes to benefit from all available other applications (sea, brackish, soiled water) and used as standalone powered by external renewable or traditional energy power supply;
- Power unit fed by the built-in solar/ optional wind turbine or external renewable (solar/wind) or traditional power supply. It can be used as a removable standalone power storage station delivering 230V/ 2300W;
- Digitally controlled and fully automatic (Self backwash/flushing).