Aquamobile BR 15

- Ultra mobile brackish water unit;
- 650 l/h nominal;
- Fully automatic (Self Backwash);
- Exchangeable filtration units;
- Operational within minutes;
- Purify organic/inorganic elements.

Dimensions (with wheels) (mm) 1700 x 1700 x 2150
Weight (KGS) 1600
Installation ultra mobile/foldable
Production pure drinking water
Filtration Technology Reverse Osmosis
Brackish water salinity up to 15'000 ppm
Contamination organic and inorganic contamination
Capacity (nominal) 650 l/h
Number of solar panels 9
Nominal power supply 2390W
Power consumption unit 1000W
Power consumption pump 300W
Gel batteries 8x210Ah
Inverter (built in) 24V/230V 2400W
Battery charger 24V/32AH
Emergency diesel heavy duty generator 3,5KW
Power output supply 230V/10A
Water temperature max 45° C
Outside temperature max 60° C


- Aquafilter BR 15;
- Aquafilter UF 20;
- Stationary wind generator, 1,5 KW;
- Road trailer;
- Storage water tank.